Monday, January 12, 2009

Things that make you feel old ...

... and I'm not referencing C&C Music Factory. (Though saying that makes me SOUND old!)

I'm talking about my 8-year-old daughter wanting to walk to school without us parents, us saying no, and her starting to ask:

"So how old were you when you got to walk to school by yourself."

Husband's answer: "When my big brother was in the sixth grade."
My answer: "Never." (I lived in the boonies.)

Then it was: "So, when did you get your e-mail address?"

Not quite getting what she was asking, I responded with: "Which one."

I quickly realized she was doing parent-to-kid comparisons.

And so I said it. The dreaded words:

"We didn't have e-mail when I was a kid."


At least I didn't have to walk uphill in the snow to get said e-mail.

I wonder if she'll try to carbon test my hotmail account to see if I'm telling the truth.


BethanyWD said...

Ha, ha, ha! My first experience with email was about 2 months into my freshman year at PLU. My sister (a grad student at the time) told me of this magical service called PINE (remember that?). The first few months were random, poorly written messages and forwards, LOTS OF FORWARDS. Gah

Nathe said...

I feel old when I correct a reference to a moderately poor performer with a, correct, even more poor performing group.

And then it gets fixed.

Where's my cane.


Lena said...

Ouch! I already know I'm, cough, 'old' ...

... imagine the day when I have to tell my kids that when I grew up there were only 2 TV-channels (yes, in Sweden, but still) ... on the other hand, I got to walk to school by myself from first grade, possible even kindergarten with my five neighbors.

E-mail, I think that was in late high school sometime. E-mail addiction didn't occur until college though.

Savage said...

When chickadee was almost her eldest's age the first Apple MacIntosh had just gone on the market, Transfromers first invaded the USA, and cell phones were the size and weight of a very expensive brick.

AngelaJossy said...
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AngelaJossy said...

I felt old the other day when a teller at my bank said, "I went to school with your daughter."

She was three grades ahead of my daughter but still...


Mark Monlux said...

Knowing, KNOWING, that the majority of kids out there today will never know who Jimmy Durante was or ever see one of his movies. For the love of Gawd! Go out and rent "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, World!" I just want to cry.