Monday, July 21, 2008

Frost Park North: Belated chalking pics & random videos

In celebration of independence, several pals and we spent the day of independence with a bit o' chalking fun with Frost Park regulars and those-who-sadly-work-out-of-town-and-can't-make-it.

Frost Park North and the train that joel413 rode in on.

Lovely reeciebird and her intellectual chalking in honor of Oscar Wilde's saying: "Ambition is the refuge of the unsuccessful."

The predecessor of last week's Frost Park whales by Tacomite.

Adam the Alien continues to make his mark.

So does Elle.

INTERMISSION: "You know you love it."

The Boy begins his artwork with outlines first.

And fills it in. It's a transformer-boat-car.

This is Diva Girl's drawing of a parking lot ... and if you note, the black part is the street. The orange parts are the sidewalks. And the people are in a crosswalk with a crossing guard.

It only LOOKS like the Baby Girl is drawing beer. Really, she's doing the pink circles.

Actually, in honor of the holiday, Elle replicated the neighbor's Corona.

Jenny proves her Jimmy Buffet addition ... or perhaps just cheesy joke addiction? ... with "The weather is here, I wish you were beautiful."

And since I missed the sun in the previous pic, we'll begin a montage ....

Diva Girl's practice sun before the July 4 Frost Park Chalk-Off.

And her actual entry.

And homage to our other guests' YouTube addiction:

That's all folks!

Masa does a decent lunch

Made it to Masa with a gal pal a couple weeks ago and, in along with a lovely day and lovely conversation, I quiet enjoyed my Masa burrito with grilled chicken. Yum. We both swear that one day, when things are less crazy, we'll drag our menfolk back for a double-date during an hour we can enjoy the margaritas, too.

Only drawback: The lovely day taunted us to lunch on the patio, where the shiny-top tables reflected the sun and heated things up a bit extra. Perhaps I should have stayed inside. Live and learn! And I'm still going back ... and I'm guessing evenings aren't as, well, glaring. (And not just because of the margaritas.)

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Tacoma Food Co-op celebrates today at People's Park!

I'm dreaming of a local ... co-op ...

OK, that was cheesy. But I'm excited! Today's the day, not just for the Proctor Farmers Market (veggies and oysters here I come!) ... but for the Tacoma Food Co-op's big party and your chance to become a founding member and take the effort that much closer to opening the doors officially. Check it out!


The Tacoma Food Co-op is growing up and it's time to celebrate! Join the fun from 4-9 p.m. Saturday, July 19, at People's Park, South 9th & Martin Luther King Jr. Way. The July 19 event is your chance to:

  • Learn about progress the Tacoma Food Co-op has made.
  • Discover what's next for the co-op.
  • Find out how to become a member.
  • Mingle with local farmers, musicians, restaurants, businesses and community organizations who share a common goal of providing healthy, affordable and fresh food for the residents of Tacoma.
Speakers include community activist Julio Quan and Tacoma's poet laureate William Kupinse. Restaurants and farmers slated to showcase their wares include: Herban Cafe, Woody's on the Water, Bombay Bistro, Quickie Too, Terry's Berries, Zestful Gardens, Puget Sound Meat Producers Co-op/Cheryl the Pig Lady and others. Also participating are South Sound Healers Network with children's activities, Second Cycle with bike repairs, Wai Baby, Best Loved Baby, the Tacoma and Pierce County libraries, and SolaRichard will be powering the musical entertainment!

Help make it a sustainable event! Spread the word via e-mail, radio, blogs and websites; bring a reusable bag, cup, mug, plate and silverware to the event; arrive by bus, bike, on foot or via carpool, and most of all: become a member! For more information, call (253) 272-8819, ext. 109, or e-mail

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Diva Daughter hulas happily to Deborah Page

You can't see it because it's spinning so fast, but there's a hula hoop in that thar picture of Diva Daughter dancing to Deborah Page at Sanford & Son during tonight's Art Walk. Look closely and you'll see a mere ghost of the hoop ...

You go girl!

Predictions on RR & Darcy's first born's first word (with bonus video)

Spotted in front of the Helm Gallery tonight: a tribute by Andrea of Unstable Art to the freshly outed Max.

Oh, and my guess as to Mr. Max's future first word? Chalk.

And so a video dedication to Max, in memory of MY boy's enthusiastic first word: Duck. Yes, duck. (Said during a visit to Wright Park back when there was a fence around the duck pond ... and plenty of ducks!)

Nice Weather for Ducks by Lemon Jelly

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

How to make a Happy Birthday

Virtually no plans
1 pot of coffee

Radio tuned to 94.9
Trip to Proctor Farmers Market
Trip to Corina's Bakery to request a cake, any cake (and get a lovely red velvet)
Late-night trek to the Java Jive
Deborah Page playing at the Java Jive

Wa-lah! One heck of a Happy Birthday without the stress of party planning!

For the big 3-2, I made no plans, other than to chill. My Saturday "big day" began lazily. Hubby and I had enjoyed an evening at The Tempest the previous night, he was working and the kids were sleeping. I dawdled on the Internet a bit, had my hit of NPR, soaked in some sun, straightened up in anticipation of a parental visit, and relished the fact that I would enjoy my day. Simple as that. With the brother watching the sleeping children, I made a dash to the Proctor Farmers Market where I procured 2 dozen fresh oysters for the hubby to barbecue for dinner. Then I realized the kids would probably wonder where the cake was if we didn't get one -- it's a BIRTHDAY after all. So I ran over to Corina's Bakery -- under new ownership by the fabulously fabulous Julie and crew -- and inquired "do you have anything whole?" (Without nuts -- The Diva is allergic.) And they did! A yet unfrosted red velvet (I'd heard tales of this scrumptious concoction). Score! I placed my order, texted the hubby to pick it up later, and off I was back home where my family had just arrived from that state down south. I won't bore you with details, but highlights include the Corina's folks sending me a special note UNDER my cake. "What's that?" I asked myself as I served my family slices of scrumptiousness. A secret message! Sweet. (Literally.) Julie is the best. Then I read in my e-mail that my very favorite Deborah Page was playing that night at the Java Jive -- a place that has been on my "must go" list for ages. So late that night, my dad, my uncle and I were off to the Jive to enjoy a beer, some cheesy fries, the music and the unique atmosphere. And while it was technically a bit AFTER my birthday (after midnight), Deborah sealed the deal with a lovely Happy Birthday tune at the end of their set. Add to it gatherings with friends over the following days, and I'm blown over with bliss.

Now that's a recipe I'm not sure I can recreate. I'll be dreamily savoring the memories for years to come ...

I bought one, have you? (Support The Helm)

The little gallery with a big heart is selling limited edition Tacoma art posters as a fundraiser to help Peter & Sean continue their mission of providing a fabulous downtown Tacoma venue for artists and art-lovers. Peter and Sean have poured their hearts into this place, and it's added great flavor to Tacoma's increasing number of art options.

Never been? Check out the Helm at 760 S. Broadway (just a few doors down from the triangle Tully's). Their next show, Vanessa La Valle's "Fire, Fire", runs July 17-19. Check it out!

And I can't wait to pick up my poster tomorrow ...

Friday, July 11, 2008


In mere minutes it's my birthday, and I began my celebrations tonight at the Tempest Lounge with the hubby and some appetizers (mussels and shrimp, and nachos -- and odd but perfect combination), and a lovely drink (see below -- yum!) made with Dry Fly vodka, made in Washington! I had no idea Washington made vodka. I also had the pleasure of running into several friendly faces ... mmmm ... nice night to be out and about. Here's to many more.

Cheers! ... and bring on the birthday!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

MUSIC: This randomness is for you ...

I'm in a bit of a random mood today. The weather was random, my dinner was random, and now I'm dedicating some of my favorite music bits for random reasons.

I dedicate Beck's "Gamma Ray" to my musician brother, who often goes by Nevyn Nowhere. When he was "younger" he once had fairly long, fine, blonde hair and looked like a cross between Kurt Cobain and Tom Petty. Or, apparently, like Beck.

In "Girl," Beck looks more like said musician brother currently looks, but I dedicate this one to film brother Adam The Alien (who was hearing music everywhere today), because of the pretty cool special effects and film footage.

I dedicate Weezer's "Greatest Man That Ever Lived" to T-town's very own RR Anderson, who is NOT my brother. But let's just say the faux 'tude in this video (no matter how serious some folks might take it) makes me instantly think "RR!" I'll let you ponder that one. But if you wear socks and enjoy puppets, you might just figure it out.

(Further similarity: Be it noted that Weezer front-man Rivers Cuomo is now married to his longtime girlfriend and has a new baby -- and T-man RR is also married and is expecting progeny any day now, unless the big moment has already happened.)

And to my kids ... The Diva, The Boy & Baby Girl ... I dedicate "Crazy Cats." This is not really so musically fabulous ... but they're obsessed.

That's all folks. A bit of randomness for your evening.