Thursday, July 10, 2008

MUSIC: This randomness is for you ...

I'm in a bit of a random mood today. The weather was random, my dinner was random, and now I'm dedicating some of my favorite music bits for random reasons.

I dedicate Beck's "Gamma Ray" to my musician brother, who often goes by Nevyn Nowhere. When he was "younger" he once had fairly long, fine, blonde hair and looked like a cross between Kurt Cobain and Tom Petty. Or, apparently, like Beck.

In "Girl," Beck looks more like said musician brother currently looks, but I dedicate this one to film brother Adam The Alien (who was hearing music everywhere today), because of the pretty cool special effects and film footage.

I dedicate Weezer's "Greatest Man That Ever Lived" to T-town's very own RR Anderson, who is NOT my brother. But let's just say the faux 'tude in this video (no matter how serious some folks might take it) makes me instantly think "RR!" I'll let you ponder that one. But if you wear socks and enjoy puppets, you might just figure it out.

(Further similarity: Be it noted that Weezer front-man Rivers Cuomo is now married to his longtime girlfriend and has a new baby -- and T-man RR is also married and is expecting progeny any day now, unless the big moment has already happened.)

And to my kids ... The Diva, The Boy & Baby Girl ... I dedicate "Crazy Cats." This is not really so musically fabulous ... but they're obsessed.

That's all folks. A bit of randomness for your evening.

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NineInchNachos said...

it's true. I am the greatest man that ever lived (wife shakes head).