Saturday, June 28, 2008

Meeting musicians on the bus

The express bus from T-Town to Seattle was PACKED this morning. I was even starting to try to convince the hubby to just drive, but we didn't. Hubby took The Eldest & The Boy to a pair of seats while the Baby Girl and I squeezed in next to a stranger also hauling a didn't-fit-in-the-luggage-carrier guitar. Which was completely fine. I was just glad I didn't have to stand. But then I turned out to have a lovely conversation with songstress Kate Graves (not related to former Tacoma arts reporter Jen Graves, I asked) who is a fairly new Northwesterner who'd just played a show at Plenty in Olympia. Lovely person, and lovely music. Click here to hear.

Can't wait to introduce her to Tacoma.

Oh, and as lovely as the day-trip to Seattle was, I was very happy to come home. I feel blessed that there are so many nearby opportunities for "mini-vacations" ... but I love coming home the best.

p.s. It sounds like Kate has chalking experience. We'll have to drag her out on a Friday. Otherwise, if you're ever having coffee in Queen Anne ... watch out, there might be a talented songwriter behind the espresso machine. Kudos to Kate for following her dream.

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