Thursday, June 26, 2008

Previously undocumented work from last week's Frost Park chalk-off

In an effort to showcase some of the non-pro work that does still go on at Frost Park during Friday Chalk-Offs, here are a few efforts I captured. First off, of course, is from my own Lil' Chickadee. She has drawn a fortune teller with a "very colorful crystal ball" (she says it's glowing because she found something .. at first I thought she was talking about a fortune, but she found a sponge to pat her chalk ... hmmm ... did I leave it behind? Uh oh.) I'm not certain of the other artists, and I likely missed a couple, but here's what I did snag ...

Fortune teller

Pac Man

Pac Man ctnd.

Flamingo (upside-down)

Gig Harbor Represents?

The Little Red-Headed Girl

In Memory Of ...


See you Friday!


Erik said...

Nice catch!

We need all of the photos and documentation we can get.

Perhaps one day the children's activities maybe more formal.

Jen said...

Nice to see the amature division get a little love.

I don't feel comfortable having more formal children's activities in that space. Just too small, too taken up by the art and too close to the roads. A children's chalk off division, maybe, because that's a calm and easy to contain activity, but that's about it.

If the Chalk Off were to ever move to Tollefson, I could see more happening there. Still, anything involving prep, materials and supervision would need solid sponsorship, if it were to happen on a regular weekly basis. There may be random acts of bubbling from time to time but I can't promise anything.