Sunday, June 08, 2008

You'd think this was healthy ...

"Healthy Request" ... you'd think it was healthy. After all ... it says "less sodium" and "98% fat free" ... and that's some interesting marketing. Because, you see, it is less sodium that the every-day tomato soup of this brand. But here's an interesting tid-bit: Regular tomato soup from this brand has ZERO fat perserving. Healthy Request has 1.5 grams of fat per serving. What's with that? What happens to the soup to make it have less sodium (other than adding less salt) and MORE fat? I'm so confused.

Click here for the ingredients for "The Regular."
Click here for the "healthy" version.

All good if you're just trying to get less sodium ... but I still want to know: Where does the fat come from?!

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Captain Smartypants said...

Interesting nutritional gimmick. Usually when they take fat out of processed food, they add sodium. So I can only guess that the way they make the "healthy, low sodium" soup taste more like regular soup is to add fat. It's a trick for your taste buds.