Wednesday, July 16, 2008

How to make a Happy Birthday

Virtually no plans
1 pot of coffee

Radio tuned to 94.9
Trip to Proctor Farmers Market
Trip to Corina's Bakery to request a cake, any cake (and get a lovely red velvet)
Late-night trek to the Java Jive
Deborah Page playing at the Java Jive

Wa-lah! One heck of a Happy Birthday without the stress of party planning!

For the big 3-2, I made no plans, other than to chill. My Saturday "big day" began lazily. Hubby and I had enjoyed an evening at The Tempest the previous night, he was working and the kids were sleeping. I dawdled on the Internet a bit, had my hit of NPR, soaked in some sun, straightened up in anticipation of a parental visit, and relished the fact that I would enjoy my day. Simple as that. With the brother watching the sleeping children, I made a dash to the Proctor Farmers Market where I procured 2 dozen fresh oysters for the hubby to barbecue for dinner. Then I realized the kids would probably wonder where the cake was if we didn't get one -- it's a BIRTHDAY after all. So I ran over to Corina's Bakery -- under new ownership by the fabulously fabulous Julie and crew -- and inquired "do you have anything whole?" (Without nuts -- The Diva is allergic.) And they did! A yet unfrosted red velvet (I'd heard tales of this scrumptious concoction). Score! I placed my order, texted the hubby to pick it up later, and off I was back home where my family had just arrived from that state down south. I won't bore you with details, but highlights include the Corina's folks sending me a special note UNDER my cake. "What's that?" I asked myself as I served my family slices of scrumptiousness. A secret message! Sweet. (Literally.) Julie is the best. Then I read in my e-mail that my very favorite Deborah Page was playing that night at the Java Jive -- a place that has been on my "must go" list for ages. So late that night, my dad, my uncle and I were off to the Jive to enjoy a beer, some cheesy fries, the music and the unique atmosphere. And while it was technically a bit AFTER my birthday (after midnight), Deborah sealed the deal with a lovely Happy Birthday tune at the end of their set. Add to it gatherings with friends over the following days, and I'm blown over with bliss.

Now that's a recipe I'm not sure I can recreate. I'll be dreamily savoring the memories for years to come ...

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