Monday, July 21, 2008

Frost Park North: Belated chalking pics & random videos

In celebration of independence, several pals and we spent the day of independence with a bit o' chalking fun with Frost Park regulars and those-who-sadly-work-out-of-town-and-can't-make-it.

Frost Park North and the train that joel413 rode in on.

Lovely reeciebird and her intellectual chalking in honor of Oscar Wilde's saying: "Ambition is the refuge of the unsuccessful."

The predecessor of last week's Frost Park whales by Tacomite.

Adam the Alien continues to make his mark.

So does Elle.

INTERMISSION: "You know you love it."

The Boy begins his artwork with outlines first.

And fills it in. It's a transformer-boat-car.

This is Diva Girl's drawing of a parking lot ... and if you note, the black part is the street. The orange parts are the sidewalks. And the people are in a crosswalk with a crossing guard.

It only LOOKS like the Baby Girl is drawing beer. Really, she's doing the pink circles.

Actually, in honor of the holiday, Elle replicated the neighbor's Corona.

Jenny proves her Jimmy Buffet addition ... or perhaps just cheesy joke addiction? ... with "The weather is here, I wish you were beautiful."

And since I missed the sun in the previous pic, we'll begin a montage ....

Diva Girl's practice sun before the July 4 Frost Park Chalk-Off.

And her actual entry.

And homage to our other guests' YouTube addiction:

That's all folks!


Erik said...

Adam the Alien looks scary.

Jenny said...

Yes, it's a Jimmy Buffett addiction!

Joel413 said...

Mmm... the train I rode in on looks like a Sounder Plushie doll

Camille said...

GAH!! I clicked on the intermission video and it wasn't available! :( *tear*