Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The LID of Love?


When we signed the LID petition, now years ago, to pave the alley on our block, our intentions were to cut down on dust and get rid of the massive puddles of rain and mud that accumulated during the rainy seasons.

Well, apparently paved alley, especially ones with a bit of a hill on one side, equals instant neighborhood block party, and impromptu neighborhood skate park.

The kids and I were outside, beginning Project Lawn -- the first of many gardening projects I'm determined to begin this year now that the kids are all old enough to play while I dig, or dig in themselves.

They got out their trikes and other wheeled objects and began to increasingly scare the heck out of momma me as they sailed down the steep-ish slope, down the straight-a-way, almost end-to-end with just one "go!"

And before long, my three became five as the neighbor girls joined in. Then seven. Then 10. Then I think 13 -- possibly all the kids on the block not including the ones who are barely walking. Then a few other kids from nearby brought skateboards. Then parents and pals were out with the kids. One dad showing off that he still new how to handle a 'board. Another playing catch with this daughter and a couple other neighbor kids. Parents teaching kids to ride bikes. Chasing. Playing tag. Laughing. Sharing. Talking.

Everyone ready and willing to clear the way for a neighbor making his or her way out of a backyard driveway or garage to places unknown, or welcome them back in. And conversely, those same neighbors were cautious to drive slow and not squish any munchkins.

Which made me think, if this is what a bit o' pavement can do, just imagine what a bit o' paradise can do ...

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