Friday, March 16, 2007

Sunny Days and Small Worlds

Hello, sunshine. If you don't mind, today is the kind of day in Tacoma that it's probably good to keep a secret. The weather, the vibe -- to sum it up: there was light, and it was good.

The blissfully beautiful day started off well when I came across an old friend -- robot-painter extraordinare and generally goofy guy Chris Harris -- while I was dreamily en route to work. I almost didn't recognize him. He and my husband used to do improv together years ago at Tacoma Little Theater, and Chris spent MANY years with a long, dark ponytail that was somewhat like his trademark. It's not there any more. And I do know this fact, as we all run into each other intentionally and unintentionally on a somewhat regular basis. I almost didn't wave because I thought I was mistaken; but I was happily correct.

It's one of the things I like about this town. Familiar, friendly faces generally aren't hard to find.

Turns out Chris now works at a scrumptious little gift shop on the corner of 9th and Pacific that I fell in love with just before Christmas. I could spend hours drooling, pawing, plotting, investigating ... and spending. I generally refer to it as simply the "GIFTS" store, as those are the small (for a sign) red letters that adorn the storefront. And for the longest time I really thought this was the name of the store. But just last week I noticed that if you stare more closely, or approach from the east, you might actually notice that this pleasant little place has a name, and it's Ever After. Which since this place does feel a bit fairy-tale-like with its bountiful variety of goods, is quite fitting.

How bountiful? Well, let's just say toys, cards, jewelry, baby gifts, chocolate, art, jewelry boxes and purses, funky gifty undescribeable goodies, garden decor, fashion and a variety of accessories ... well, there's a nook in every cranny, let's just say. And I can appreciate a place that takes time to fully appreciate. I can get obvious at the mall. (Good thing I don't like obvious, because I don't go to the mall ...)

Super-duper bonus: this splendid little shoppe also features the talented Chris' fantabulous and talented wife's fantastical jewelry designs.

I knew I liked that place.

I know I like this place.

Sometimes it just takes a little while to see the signs ...

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