Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sweet, sweet strawberries ...

Today I sliced into the strawberries we bought at the Proctor Farmers Market and danced around the kitchen with glee. These are the strawberries I remember from my childhood, growing up amid fields of strawberries where we could go out and pluck our afternoon snack. Flavor, color ... this is what I think of when I ponder the term "flesh" in terms of fruit. This was sustenance. Substantial sustenance. And the color, oh. I'm spending my day ogling the rich red fruits that will not for long be in my kitchen. The children have found them.

And thus, the following haiku ... much shorter than my last year's ode to dandelions, and a much happier source of inspiration ...

bisected, a dream
deep dark dense ruby velvet
these, were strawberries

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ensie said...

I, also bought strawberries at the in Proctor yesterday, braving the gnarly weather (It's JUNE fer Christ's sake!). They look and smell incredible - can't wait to eat them!