Thursday, August 16, 2007

Because I'd like to have something left of the environment when my kids grow up ...

I'm not usually an event-poster, but below is a volunteer event that's easy and can do a lot of good -- basically, you wander around the East Side with some friends, eat pizza, oh, and glue curb markers onto sidewalks near storm drains so that folks are alerted to PLEASE keep icky things out of the street (such as cigarettes, oil, car wash soap, lawn chemicals, and anything anyone might think is safe to dump into the street but is not) as whatever goes down that drain goes right into Commencement Bay, the Puget Sound ... you get the picture.

The notice is short, but if you have a morning to spare, you could make a big difference, so even if you can't do it ... spread the word ...

Citizens for a Healthy Bay need you ... to help mark curbs (and eat pizza)

WHEN: 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 18 (yes, this Saturday)

WHERE: Meet in the athletic field across from Gault Middle School, corner of Division and East L St.

PIZZA LUNCH PROVIDED between approximately noon and 12:30 for those who participate.

Help keep our local waters clean by marking storm drains Saturday morning. The durable, non-fade markers help let people know that what goes down their neighborhood storm drains flows directly to our local waterways. (Think oil, soap from car washing, lawn chemicals, etc.)

Help keep only rain in the drain; come out and mark some curbs!

Anyone who can pitch in, please contact Jeanine Riss, Citizens for a Healthy Bay's new volunteer coordinator, at 253-266-2081 (cell), 253-383-2429 (office) or e-mail her at

For more information about Citizens for a Healthy Bay, go to


kevinfreitas said...

Just added the event to the FeedTacoma calendar. Hope that helps!

EGV said...

That's a great event. Wish I could help, but I'll be far far away. Alas.

ensie said...

I fully support this event and would be pitching in, however Frinklin and I will be meeting our new dog trainer a yet unspecified time tomorrow.

Rock on!