Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Mary's Shows Lots of Promise for a Little Price

Dear Boss: If you need proof of where I was for today's unexpected two-hour lunch, Mister Mary promises you can call him for a much-appreciated (and yummy) alibi. I should have had him sign a tardy slip while I was there, I know, but he looked busy. Oh, what was that? I should have brought you back a cookie instead? Next time, I promise.

Dear Swim Buddy: The downtown YMCA better get done re-tiling the pool this week, because I have a (very-worth-it) burger to work off.

Dear Walking Buddy: I shouldn't have slept in this morning.

Dear Lunch Buddy: Thanks for being patient with my lunchtime "great idea". No more first-day escapades at the top of the noon-hour, promise. But we will be going back ... perhaps for an 11 a.m. lunch ... (I was too full for dinner).

Dear Chain Burger Place With a Brightly Colored Bird for a Mascot: I now know where to get better burgers for half the price. And while there's no 19-minute guarantee, I know the service will speed up with time. (Bad, I know, bad, bad pun.)

Dear Mary's: Great heart. Great menu. Great price. Great space. And I know a burger takes time, and that you know most of us only get an hour for lunch -- and I have great faith that those two facts of life will soon live in harmony.

Dear Future Opening Restaurants: Watch out for Kevin and his flash mobs ... though I have to admit, I saw several who likely came all on their own, as I had planned to do. I've been craving a good lunch-time burger ... :P

Dear Tacoma: We gave Mary's a great welcome today ... and likely overwhelmed them a bit. They have the heart and soul I crave in a downtown eatery -- and a hefty burger with all the fixin's and then some for $4.99 is awesome; as are their many breakfast options for much less. Let's not let Mary's folks think we only patronize in flash mobs -- let's let them know we're in for the long haul, as long as they can get us back to work in about hour ...

UPDATE: Mary's Burger Bistro is at 2301 Pacific Ave. in Tacoma. And now that opening day has passed service time is normal and good, and the burgers are still fabulous and $5 lunch affordable. (A bit more with fries and soda.) I've only tried the traditional "American" burger so far ... but oh so yummy. I considered comparing it to another yummy burger place, Paddy Coyne's, but they're completely different burgers, each fabulous in their own right. So I'll lovel them each, just the way they are. :)


Mindi said...

Dear roommate's boss: Nice to finally meet you in the madness of the Mary's flash-mob. Glad they didn't run out of food before they got to your order.

Anonymous said...

But ... WHERE is Mary's???

tacomachickadee said...

Situation remedied. Post updated. And gotta say, the food is fabulous, still on the lower-end of the budget scale, and the first-day kinks seem quite worked out. If you haven't tried it, do. 2301 Pacific Ave. Open for breakfast and lunch.