Monday, August 25, 2008

VIDEO: An Intermission From Monday

I'll dedicate this family favorite to The Boy, and to jcbetty and Elle who seem to be in need of some pure silly goodness.

"Nice Weather for Ducks" by Lemon Jelly

We discovered this video, and this band, years ago when The Boy said his first word, "Duck," at Wright Park during a stroll through the park. We'd stopped to watch the ducks swimming in what is now-a-much-prettier pond. And he pointed and said "Duck!" When we came home, we googled for ducks videos and came up with the above. For months if not years, this video would soothe him. It still does. (Oddly, so do the songs Pork and Beans, The Greatest Man That Ever Lived, and Troublemaker by Weezer. Sigh.)

Today was another monumental moment ... kiddo pulled out a tooth last night, and was so excited about it he RAN to the dental hygienist and cheered when his name was called for his check-up appointment. So did Baby Girl. The folks at the dentist office were a bit shocked. The parents in the waiting room got a bit of a laugh. (What?!? Not everyone's children are excited to see the dentist?)

Let the silliness be contagious ...


Scout said...

That would make anyone's Monday better - Thanks!

Elle said...

Yay! Stupid sillines. But I must say... I feel as if I should have consumed a fair bit of "magic" brownies prior to watching.