Thursday, August 21, 2008

Why haven't I been here before? Chalet Bowl is where it's AT!

I've been in Tacoma for really close to a decade, and in the area for much longer that that ... and I had not been to the Chalet Bowl in the Proctor District until this week. Diva Girl is out of town for the week, so I took the Boy and Baby Girl on an adventure to the what-I-thought-was-a-tiny-bowling-alley for a little adventure earlier this week.

I'll admit, perhaps I was hesitant because when I took them bowling about two years ago in Hoquiam to celebrate a former coworker's shift from newspaper world to teacher career path ... well ... let's say we showed up, and within 15 minutes The Boy had tried bowling ... and tripped ... and fell chin-first on the bowling ball. No bruise. He freakin' split his chin open. Since I was the one who'd lived in Grays Harbor and knew where then hospital was (thanks in part to a long-ago sprained ankle incident), I would take him, and hubby would stay with the girls. Thank god for Transformers, as handing him his Bumblebee stopped him from freaking out ... and an old friend came with us, thus stopping me from freaking out. Also, when it came to him seeing the nurse (he didn't want to), a promise of a new Transformer when he was done quickly quieted him and got him through his stitches.

But back to this week ... I though the Chalet Bowl was a five- or six-lane place. CHALET HAS FREAKING TWELVE LANES. Seriously! I mean, the bowling alley in my own hometown had about that many. And I swear it was a much bigger place. HOW DO THEY DO IT!?!? They hid a freakin' 12-lane bowling alley in Proctor.

I'm still shaking my head in disbelief. And over the fact that I've found some close-by FUN!

The three of us played two games, and for a while there I was fearing that the kids' Wii bowling practice would have them beating me (we were playing with bumpers, so it was equal opportunity). But I did edge them out by a bit. Had Baby Girl beat me -- considering one of her bowls went so slow it CAME BACK TO HER -- I might have been a little embarrassed. But it has been awhile since I've bowled ...

Chalet Bowl
3806 N 26th St.
Taocma WA 98407
(253) 752-5200

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Erik said...

Yeah. Chalet Bowl rules.

Proctor is small and most of the buildings are but simple boxes.

But it has a ton of destinations within 2 blocks of 26th and Proctor.