Thursday, September 06, 2007

Dear Cupcake fans: Add Margaret's to your mix

So, I went and bought a half-dozen goodies from Hello, Cupcake this week to celebrate the kiddies' first day back to school -- which we sliced and diced and shared and grinned over. But I have to say, that as cupcakes go, Margaret's Cafe still reigns number one in my book (though admittedly, that's one of the things I haven't tried at Corina's yet.)

So, first, before I get shot by fans, I love Hello, Cupcake's ambiance and pricing and selection and frosting. Great stuff. But I've been spoiled by my darling Margaret (don't let the occasional scowls fool you) and her wonderful concoctions -- one of which is the cupcake.

My addiction with Margaret's started with her salads and quiche. She changes salad specials daily, her Thursday "Fiesta Salad" being the most popular of the downtown crowd, and not what you expect. No tortilla chips here. And you just gotta try it. She makes her own dressings. She makes her own rolls. And she makes her own goodies -- cookies, biscotti, brownies, cupcakes and more.

The first cupcake that hooked me months ago was her coconut. It's at least 50% bigger than other cupcakes I've seen, slathered in smooth and flavorful frosting, all coating a scrumptious and MOIST cupcake beneath. Moist being key. So far, the cupcakes I've tried in town have counted on fabulous frosting to save them, and the cake can disappoint. Which is disappointing.

Margaret doesn't know HOW to disappoint.

At the moment, Margaret carries a handful or two of coconut and chocolate/peanut butter cupcakes (just $2) daily with her salads and soups and rustic tortes and quiches and other such yummies.

And if you're truly a cupcake afficionado, you'll add Margaret to your cupcake-lusting rounds. One SMALL problem you'll find is that she's a breakfast/lunch place only open during the week. So no nights, no weekends. But Margaret's is worth the time to schedule her into your day.

Margaret's Cafe
754 Saint Helens Ave.
Tacoma WA 98402
(253) 274-8788

p.s. ANYONE WANT TO JOIN ME FOR A CUPCAKE TASTING? I think each place has its strengths, and I think it would make for a fun time -- let's compare and contrast! I wonder what wine you'd pair that with ... I have a nice blackberry wine ...


kevinfreitas said...

I'm sure my lovely wife would be in possibly along with our friend Ange. I might be convinced to tag along to, uh, snap photos. Yea. Not eat any of the deliciousness... Aw, who am I kidding?!

Roxanne said...

I agree with you about moistness being a determining factor in the deliciousness of a cupcake. Hello Cupcakes are definitely a little on the dry side and I was dissapointed because i love to bake (you had my brownies. 4th of july) and it's not difficult to make a moist cupcake. I will definitely have to give Margaret's a try. :-)

Julie said...

I tried Hello Cupcake a few days ago and to me it was rather dry cake and the frosting was WAY too sweet. It made my teeth hurt! I say give Corina's a try too...

tacomachickadee said...

I'm just excited to have more bakery-type stores in town, they'd dwindled for awhile. But apparently business owners are finding the schticks that work -- perhaps specialty is where it's at, rather than the full-service bakeries I drew on up.

And happily for cupcake lovers everywhere, I think there's room in town for all three lovely operations -- and any other cupcake producing biz out there.


Jenny said...

I'm so in. Everybody assigned a place, drinking at your house!