Sunday, September 30, 2007

Meet Tacoma's Strange(r) delivery crew

I've at long-last lured my baby brother back to the homeland of T-Town and, well, I haven't had much time yet to show him the sights and sites (or blog, as some of you may have noticed). So three cheers to T-Town character Christian "the old hippie" for showing him about town as they deliver the Stranger to all the lovely and odd nooks and crannies around town.

Since I'm ever-nerdy when it comes to behind-the-scenes Tacoma, I'm quite giddy that little bro has found this little part-time gig and a very knowledgeable guide. You can check out his video blog to see his adventures ... in this, you'll find a newbie exploring, a bit about the recently departed ex-journalist and history buff Walt Crowley, and promises for more to come.

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Marty said...

Christian is great. I have know him for seveal years, and always look forward to the 5 minutes every Thusday. He has amazing stories and a great sense of humor.