Monday, October 01, 2007

Hey city mouse! It's time to visit your country cousins ...

Once upon a time, harvest season for me meant partaking in one heck of a party with hay rides, a luau, bushels of hay to climb on; dancing on a simple wooden stage in the middle of the expansive sea of grass guarded by giant firs; checking out the baby pigs and all the other farm animals; having to pee in a small outhouse with only a crescent moon cut-out for light; running around with a litter of other kids (our parents comfortable that we were safe); inhaling the smells of fresh hay; roaming through corn fields; and simply having a good time with friends and family gathered to celebrate that wonderful orange harvest moon time of year.

I've long left my country mouse beginnings, but harvest season remains my favorite.

So this Saturday, I'll be celebrating that lovely nip in the air that comes this time of year and we'll be heading out with my bevy of friends and their families for Terry's Berries to take part in this weekend's HarvestFest 2007, the Pierce County Farm Tour. There are plenty of Pierce County farms to choose from, and much to do. You can find lavender, chocolate milk, CSA opportunities, and fresh eggs, fresh veggies, fresh everything. And activities for all.

For details, check out what TacomaMama has to say or head to the HarvestFest homepage to download a brochure.

And for a double-header, Sunday is Steilacoom Museum Association's Apple Squeeze!

So all you city mice out there ... this weekend is a perfect time to head for the country!

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Jennifer B said...

We're going to be out of town, visiting my Mom on the East coast. I don't feel too sad,though, since she got the harvest bug too and rented this place, so we're having our own family harvest fest.