Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Stormy day delight: How Margaret made my day

I love stormy days; I love walking along, lost in thought and being caught off guard and yanked into a lovely bit of reality by drool-inducing whiffs of wonderful things. So today was a good day.

Some folks think I'm crazy for loving autumn's windy, rainy, stormy days, but I do. And today was a lovely day in my book. Crisp, but not cold. Windy and rainy enough for a bit of a gamble and an adventure and a need for a raincoat if you ventured out. Everyone on my bus this morning agreed that hot buttered rum was in order. Hot buttered rum, a good book, and not having to be at work.

Since I had to be at work, I was pleased as anything to be wandering down St. Helens street in search of coffee when I was suddenly snagged by an indescribably hypnotizing smell as I walked by Margaret's Cafe. I felt like I was in a cartoon and that I must have been walking on air as I wandered by her large glass windows, the smell of loveliness pulling at me. Taunting me. Calling to me.

I walked by.

And then I walked back. I had to know. WHAT WAS SMELLING SO GOOD!!?!?!?

So I poked my head in and sheepishly queried Margaret as to what she'd been up to in the kitchen that was tempting me so ... and apparently it was many things. At that moment, I think it was the brownies. But she'd also been making apple pie ... and bacon (Tuesday is Cobb salad day ... mmmmmm.) I knew I had to be back. I might not be able to have a hot buttered rum at work, but I CAN have a warm and gooey brownie. I was back about 2-3 hours later, and I got the first cut out of the still warm and gooey brownies (with walnuts!!!!).

The icing on the proverbial (cup?)cake.

Thanks Margaret!


nref said...

Oh, thank you! Vicariousness can be a great thing (but a strange word). Today's weather was just what I've been craving - but I was stuck inside a windowless warehouse and only got to experience it during my short breaks. I'm reading The Shipping News right now and I've been yearning to be back on the east coast where the whether is a little rowdier than here and makes you deal with it. But then those little events with something warm, something that smells good, feel amazing.

Jennifer B said...

It's going to be in the 80s on the East Coast this weekend, and they're desperate for rain. It seems like we're getting all the weather lately.

Margaret's smells so amazing. The smell of someone actually baking and cooking their own food. What a forgotten restaurant smell.

Elle said...

Hot buttered rum... making mental note for Christmastime.

Camille said...

sigh...I miss Tacoma!