Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Back when I lived on "the farm," the blocks were miles around and you had to drive said miles between trick or treat houses, meaning my brothers and I sometimes got to hit as many as five houses, and we once had a trick or treater come to our door. When I moved to "the city," I expected to be inundated by costumed candy seekers, but until tonight ... that dream had gone unfulfilled.

Tonight, with two of the three kids in tow, we trekked around the block, meandering a bit beyond here and there, picked up a couple of my eldest's school pals on the way, and hit house after house after house where the lights were on, plenty of folks were home, and we even found a house or two that hands out "the BIG candy bars." (I thought this was the stuff of legends.) A couple houses had great grave yards and haunted yards and actually made the kids jump when the door was opened (enough for a jump and laughter, not tears thank heavens).

Back at home, a steady stream of trick or treaters wandered by the house to get a handful of our eclectic bowl of treats. Some we knew, some we didn't know. But plenty to make it worth the fact that we bought more than one bag of goodies!

It has not always been like this. Five years ago when we first got here, we also didn't have to wander far ... but the streets were darker. We got the OCCASIONAL trick or treater. And I think everyone stuck to Proctor treats and then went straight home.

The weather was on our side tonight, but it seemed to be more than that. There are a TON more kids on our block this year, too (more than 10 vs. less than 5), but it seems more than that. I'm really not sure all the magical elements that came together, but it's been a magical night.

I think there's just something in the air. And it is good.

p.s. Great party last weekend, Ms. Zesty! It's been awhile since I've stayed up to grownup hours ...

p.p.s. Super kudos to the ketchup bottle and twister game that stopped by! I'm so consulting you on costume-making next year.

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Jenny said...

Thanks for coming, Ms. Chickadee! It was great to FINALLY meet you!

Remember the creepy vampire dude we had in the entryway? We had an excellent time last night placing him in the doorway and opening the door for the trick or treaters. It was awesome! (We would block him with our bodies for the little guys..)