Friday, November 02, 2007

NaNoWriMo: Day 1 outtakes

As National Write a Novel in Month day gets off the ground, I'm determined to hit my 50,000 words at the end. Now mind you, this month isn't supposed to produce an actual marketable novel, it's more about getting into the habit of writing, and not letting the "but what should I write about" fears get in the way. This fear has been a stumper for me in recent years. So I'm going to channel high school English class where we were supposed to do stream-of-consciousness writing, and just write. I may restart the story every day. I might write the middle this week, the end next week, and spend the last two weeks writing the beginning. I might write random crap. But I will write. I well get back into the saddle and make this a part of my life, as it's a part I've missed since life got so grownup. I might write for a living, I might write for spare cash, but it's been a long, long time since I've written on a regular basis for my own satisfaction, with the anticipation of other people's pleasure. This blogging thing is nice and fun, but I'm aiming for a different scope.

But excerpts that make me laugh, I'll share. Not in context, but in random giggle humor.

Nov. 1 excerpt: This voice was lower than the rest. And soon followed by barely post-adolescent bird legs sticking out of a bathrobe.

(Note: They say the first week you write crap. And that it gets better as you go. Thank god.)

And now to go do my parental duties of feeding and bathing children and making sure they don't eat all their Halloween candy in one night. Oh, and putting them to bed. Then we'll see what wacky nonsense my brain puts together for tonight's 1667-plus words.

And if it's all crap: I don't care.

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Dan said...

I admire your tenacity and your approach. Life is about the nuggets of exuberance, humor, passion, spirituality, progress, success and happiness. As much as it is about the "other stuff." Because, without the other stuff, we wouldn't know exuberance, humor, passion, spirituality, progress, success and happiness.
So go for it chickadee, and I can't wait to read your stream of consciousness.