Thursday, November 08, 2007

When the weather is soupy ...

Eat soup! There are plenty of options around town for a good bowl of soup, and lunch specials for those who just need that little something extra to make it a meal ...

My favorite soup haunts:

Margaret's Cafe, 754 St. Helens Ave
Her soups, along with her salads, change daily. But there's a fantastic soup, salad and roll lunch combo that will help you be warm and cozy and the weather is drippy and nippy. Plus, if comfort food is what you're after, she carries some great brownies, cupcakes, pies, scones, cookies and more. And she's currently taking orders for Thanksgiving pies and roll dough (your Thanksgiving guests will thank you ...)

Over the Moon Cafe, 709 Opera Alley
Many folks know of this little treasure on this little enchanting alley practically across the street from Puget Sound Pizza, but I've run across a few folks who don't know they're open for lunch. And they have this great cup of soup and half-sandwich special for under $8! It's phenomenal. It makes me very, very happy. Their famous grilled cheese with that fabulous crab bisque? Divine.

Infinite Soups, 445 Tacoma Ave.
Tiny space, lots of fabulous, fabulous, ecstacy-provoking soups. If you missed them at Farmers Market, or if you miss them now that there's no Thursday Farmers Market for a few more months, they're still cooking soups in their little shop. Little price, lots of taste. But it's just soup, and a roll or crackers. But it's wonderful soup. Did I mention their soup is great? Lots of options, changing all the time. Great soup. Did I mention I really like their soup?

One Heart Cafe, 6th & Fawcett (next to the Grand)
I haven't actually tried this out, but my swim buddy raved about their soups (by Infinite Soups, and did I mention I love Infinite Soups?) and sandwich specials, and how she had a full meal and latte for under $10. Oh, and it was good, too. This locale is the former Kickstand Cafe, which currently underwent a change of management and a complete rehaul. Me thinks I must check it out one of these days ...

Anyone have another soup place for the list?


kevinfreitas said...

Oh man, tried Infinite Soups for the first time this week. Good stuff! Hope to write about it on the ol' blog later today or tomorrow.

Thanks for the tips otherwise!

Nathe said...

Homemade and at home, with local ingredients!