Tuesday, November 20, 2007

7 reasons to love breakfast in Tacoma

I'd been told by coworkers of the wonders of Puget Sound Pizza's breakfast, especially after they moved serving my favorite meal from weekends only to SEVEN DAYS A WEEK of breakfast wonderfulness. I'd attempted going to the FeedTacoma early bird event a few days ago, but an early morning meeting I couldn't skip conflicted. So it wasn't until this week that I found a morning where I was really, really hungry and walking by the fabulous smells that come out of their 7th & St. Helens location (just kitty corner from one of my other favorite places). I couldn't help myself -- I was lured in. And oh, so hungry.

I already know the place and people are fabulous (had the pizza -- yum!) and I was ecstatic to finally get a glimpse of the breakfast menu. I got a chuckle over the "Mother and Child Reunion" (has eggs and chicken ... and other yummy stuff) ... and noted for my brother's girlfriend that they had a nice stack of pancakes for just over $5. (Though, dear brother, no milkshakes on the breakfast menu.)

This particular morning, I decided to keep it small, simple and easily portable (though you can get any of their stuff to-go). I had the breakfast sandwich, which consisted of two fried eggs that were a perfect balance between cooked and runny (such as in, barely runny but not overcooked), two juicy-yet-crisp pieces of bacon (you can also choose sausage or ham) and a croissant roll (there are various bread options). And then I headed back to the office where I hope I didn't torture anyone with the glorious smell of breakfast. I made sure to thank my tipster coworker profusely. So good. SO hit the spot.

I love breakfast.

And so, in no particular order, here is a list of my favorite 7 breakfast spots in Tacoma (outside of my own kitchen -- I make a heck of a french toast strata) ...


intacoma said...

What do you get at the lobstershop? Lobster pancakes?! o_O

James Lamb said...

Do any of them have a view?