Friday, November 02, 2007

NaNoWriMo: Day 2 outakes

Today's entry definitely took a different turn, and for awhile I wasn't even certain if I'd get my daily fix in. Afraid I'd break the stride and have to double up on another day. Two members of the household were sick. All the kids were obsessed with the Halloween candy -- though delightfully only part of it was the eating, Skittles were standing in for the Hershey Bar's baby, there were buildings that the Hansel & Gretel witch would have envied. A good friend/new mom/current theater widow called to ask if she could come by and talk to a grownup. (And it was a great visit.) Responsibilities were beginning to take their toll. And then baby wanted a bath. And then kids brushed their teeth, but decided that didn't mean they couldn't beg for candy anyway. But I did it! Another 1,667-plus words. Just jumped into bed with the laptop, pulled up my iTunes and stuck the headphones in so that ill hubby could watch Stargate still between snoring. So instead of snores and Sci-Fi, I had my Neko Case, Johnny Cash and Dixie Chicks. Goodness gracious, I'm really not a country music addict ... these are my exceptions. But they're really good writing music.

Today's rambling excerpt, a few words out of today's hundreds that I don't claim to be anything other than the first paragraph of words I attempted to spew for the day ... free-form, no charge, and quite possible complete crap:

The ceiling was still white. And the more she stared at it, the more it seemed to pulsate, the more she convinced herself that perhaps it wasn’t a stagnant object. But it was still white. And it wasn’t really moving. It was white. With little bumps. Little flecks. A squished spider, A couple fruit flies that got stuck when the paint was wet. But all in all, still white. Outside, still cold. Inside her mind, still a place she didn’t want to go. It was an uninviting day. But a day to which she’d be invited, and had already RSVP’d.

Anyhow, tomorrow is a busy day, and I must dream of a plot line to follow tomorrow. And who knows, perhaps by the end of this all the pieces, or at least some of the pieces, will fit together. We shall see ...

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Andrew Fry said...

Go get'em. I look forward to reading your book.