Sunday, November 04, 2007

NanoWriMo: Day 4 ... still in progress

So, I've fallen behind a little bit. Which I can only partly blame on the fact that I'm sick and got whacked with the asthma stick today. Being in pain, tired and not being able to breathe well don't help the whole creative process.

But I'll admit, I'm admitting to an even bigger hurdle: I don't like conflict.

That can make novel writing kind of tough, as usually what makes a novel beat is not a turn of phrase, but the conflicts and resolutions of said conflicts of the story line.

But they said this week might be painful. And it is. But that's why I'm doing it. And so, now, back to writing. Because after a few false starts and the brain struggle of trying to get myself to let go and tell a character to f*** off or something like that, I've been in a feverish, back-achey, head-achey state, and haven't been able to breathe well. And I finally have a taste of an idea that might last a few thousand words and need to get to it, so back to work for me. Hopefully I'll have something better to post later tonight.

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Erik said...

Keep it up, Chickadee!

Put your characters in a conflict to the death!