Thursday, October 18, 2007

X Marks the Spot

Thanks to Mentor Man, I discovered the mystery that lies in the circle at the top of the UW Tacoma steps. Check it out for yourself sometime ... Trek to the top of the campus steps, or head over to the Swiss for a pint or two (though you might want to try this trick before the pints so that you know you weren't dreaming), and stand in the circle, looking down the steps, through the arches and down to the port. The view is marvelous, but it's not the view that caused me to gasp.

  • Step 1 (as told by Mentor Man): Stand near the center of the circle, but not at the X.
  • Step 2: Face downhill, and enjoy the view. Then say, (normal voice, shout, whatever) "I love Tacoma!"
  • Step 3: Move over to the very center of the circle, where the X marks the spot.
  • Step 4: Again, face downhill, enjoy the view, and again say, "I love Tacoma." If you finish the sentence without saying "Wow", "Whoah" or some other form of astonishment ... I'll be impressed. I couldn't do it.

You gotta try it. And once you do that, maybe check out the bricks in red square at PLU. Throw a rock across and you'll see what I mean. It's music to the hears. Does UPS have any subtle mysteries?

All I can say is that I fell in love with Tacoma all over again ...


Andrew Fry said...

I thought it was funny when the bystander woman couldn't help but try it out too, and stopped midway through her sentence with the "wow!"

"I love Tacoma" works well.

Other suggested phrases:

"Luke, I am your father"
"Is that you God?"
"A little person lives in my head"
"Wonder Twin Powers, Activate"

Jenny said...

Wow! Can't wot to try this!

Hey, I just tried to email you and send you an evite as well and both were returned undeliverable.

The email from your comments isn't working! Could you email me your new one?