Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Best chain letter ever!

Be it known, I'm not a big fan of chain letters and e-mails. But today, a little bag of Halloween goodies landed on our doorstep with a ghost drawn on one piece of paper and the following note attached ...

You've been boo'd!

This friendly ghost has come to our neighborhood to leave you these goodies that you have now found. If you do not wish this curse to befall (curse? someone must've removed that by the time it got to our house, this is just fun!), continue this greeting and look around. Find two homes without the Boo Ghost and spread the fun by following the directions below.

Buy or make two treat bags of ghoulish fun. Then copy this ghost and Halloween note. Look around your neighborhood and find two neighbors who may have been missed. Leave your treats and these papers where the Boo ghost has not hit. Deliver at dark where there is no light. Ring the doorbell, run, and stay out of sight.

You have only two days to act, so be quick. Don't forget to tape your ghost on your window or door, so a sneaky ghost won't hit you once more. Last but not least, come join the season. It's great to give treats and there is good reason. Have lots of fun and remember not to be seen. Share in the spirit that is Halloween. Boo!

Thank you to our mystery ghost for the goodies ... now it's our turn. Muah hahahahahaha. :)

Happy Halloween everyone!

Tacoma rocks.


Lena said...

Oh, so you are the one I should have boo'd a couple of years ago when my 'hood was doing this... :)

tacomachickadee said...

Yup. I grew up in the middle of nowhere, in a place where we got to trick or treat ONE maybe TWO houses because you had to drive large distances to get to each one. So I get giddy about this neighborhoody stuff. :)