Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Wow! Now that's (not) a burger!

Not until today have I ever uttered this sentence: "I had super-fabulous, inexpensive vegan food for lunch today!" Oh. My. Gosh. I'm still drooling. I finally had the opportunity to venture into Quickie Too today with the lovely Lady Lisa of mineral. WOW! Neither of us had ever been, so when we met up inside the nondescript gray building at about South 13th and Martin Luther King Jr., we tentatively asked a few questions, were given a sample of a super-tasty Egyptian something-or-other juice-like drink, then ordered. I'd heard fabulous things about, well, everything, but specifically the Crazy Jamaican Burger ...

Wow! Every bite was full of flavor, and the textures were just what I want out of the burger. My burger was piled with herbed, marinated "jerked" tofu burgers on a petella bun, with ripe plantains, grilled sweet onions and heirloom tomatoes and vegan homemade mayo and ... well, really, don't be bothered by the details. I heard from a very picky eater who doesn't usually like tomatoes that she was once told by a friend to just eat it how it comes at Quickie, and so she did, and she is quite glad she did.

My lunch buddy had the "Mac & Yease," which also comes highly recommended. I also hear the New York something or other is also good.

1324 Martin Luther King Jr. Way/1602 South G St. / Tacoma WA 98405
(253) 572-4549

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intacoma said...

looks good, will have to try out that burger