Monday, February 26, 2007

Create Some Local Magic

The final Harry Potter book comes out this summer, which means Potter mania, Potter parties, and Potter pre-ordering.

It also means a clear-cut choice with the consumer over whether they send their money to big corporate chains, or keep their dollars local by ordering from the little guy.

Because here's the thing ... with the little guy, you likely have to pay full price. They don't get the discounts that the big-box retailers get ... so you'll have to pay a couple bucks more for that literary treasure.

But each of those dollars is a vote of encouragement for every entrepreneur, every little guy and gal out there who may be hanging on to their business buy hopefully more than a couple bucks, but often just that.

Each of those couple extra dollars is a vote for the businsses we want in our community.

We set precedent with our purchases, whether we realize it or not.

So I entreat the parents and the Harry Potter fans at large who wish and dream for more and more quality, locally owned businesses ... the couple bucks you save by ordering via Amazon or any other big box just aren't worth it. You can order this -- and virtually any book -- from your local little guy bookseller. In Tacoma, King's Books is taking orders and planning quite the little community party for release night, July 20. For more information, click here.

Our household has already placed our order at King's Books for two copies. (So we can read it at the same time, then pass it on to another fan.) See you there July 20?

Still pondering it? I dare you -- prove your Buy Tacoma dedication and order your books from King's, not Amazon. (Guess where the sales tax goes if you do ...)

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