Sunday, February 25, 2007

Guilty Today, Drooling for "Tomorrow"

Took the kids to The Ram for dinner. A big chain, yes, but one that started in Lakewood -- which is why we try to head there rather than other "family dining" megachains in the area. And in February (and apparently every Sunday), kids eat free. (Well, one kid per adult ... which took care of a couple of ours.) Gotta appease the munchkins every once in awhile with a free-toys-and-a-balloon kiddie meal locale.


But what I'm really looking forward to is an eventual grownup night out (once grandma gets back to town) and heading over to the brand spanking new Stadium Bistro in the Stadium District. (Right next to King's Books and Doyle's.) I looked at the site ... the menu, the classes and events, the special in-kitchen special dining opportunity they have. Oh, it sounds like a foodie's heaven. And healthy to boot! I keep hearing folks talking about wanting a fresher food, vegetarian (and meatatarian) friendly classy but affordable place -- and this seems like it. Wow. I hope reality is half as good as my imagination.

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jen said...

We have a reservation tomorrow night. I'm excited to try it out.