Saturday, February 24, 2007

Get Your Gifts From the Little Guy ... or Gal

Went shopping at Trouve on Antique Row recently and found a plethora of treasures, including a Rosie the Riveter "We Can Do It" poster for under $12. For the Francophiles out there, the place is a veritable haven of treasures that will soon become Paradise Lost. And even those of us not so obessed with all things French will find plenty to purchase. In addition to my poster finds (I bought more than one), there were wonderful Herbal eye pillows, keychains, stationary, rugs, candles, tablecloths, funny shot glasses and so much more.

Unfortunately, by summer it will likely be a mere memory, a myth that Tacoma's boutique shoppers whisper to each other when reminiscing of once was and what they hope is to come. After about seven years of doing quality gift business on Broadway, the owner has given up battling the masses of chain-crazed shoppers who walk on by or only call her to ask for a donation to the charity of the day's next auction.

She will be missed.

For those who will also miss her and her shop, or who have missed out thus far ... stop by. There's still time to snag a treasure at a reasonable price. Still time to show you care about the little guy.

Some other "little guy" (or gal) shops to check out the next time you're shopping for a birthday, wedding, baby shower, or just because you like to find treasures, include:

What's your favorite?


jamie said...

Hello, chickadee...

Thanks for the link to ThriceAllAmerican on the sidebar. Given your age, there's a good chance we were at PLU at the same time...shoot me an email via the contact page on my site...

On topic, we really like:
- Pairings wine shop on Sixth
- Urban Gourmet and Garden on Sixth
- The Watermark on A Street - gifts plus a corgi!

Anonymous said...

Barker Road on 30th in Old Town has really unique (and pricey) gifts. Worth a look.