Sunday, February 11, 2007

A Penchant to Paint the Town Pink

My lovely valentine arranged for me to have an actual girls' evening out on Monday. The dilemma? So many options, so little time. With mini-munchkins at home, Happy Hour is still a foreign concept to me. (Many happy hours, just not usually at the bar ...) And since some of the gal pals going with are preggers and therefore will only be partaking in the appetizer half of our bar-hopping, I want to make sure that we hits spots that have good, cheap eats as well as drinks. And there are so many spots downtown I have yet to hit -- do I hit old haunts, or try out new spots? Linger at one, or hop around? And if we play it by ear, where to start? I have a day to figure it out. Because while finding the biggest bang for the buck is nice, my and my pals' time is at a premium. I want to make every minute, or at least every other minute, count. Ready, girls? Let's paint downtown red -- or at least pink.


Anonymous said...

Hey the Sea Grill off of Pacific is good--however bar like seating--no tables.

Also I heard that Matador sp? downtown is suppose to be good.

New Irish Pub open up off Pacific as well.

Have fun.

Kate said...

Farrelli's and Meconi's have good happy hours. I am not sure what the time parameters are at those places. (Farrelli's makes a mean happy hour lemon drop!) Sea Grill has a great happy hour, but the bar isn't good for big groups. I think a cocktail with you a Monday night is a MUST.

Anonymous said...

Happy Hour! Happy Hour! The new downtown Matador. Great food, and lemondrops from heaven. The Pacific Grill,with their tasty Kobe beef sliders and shrimp corndogs, with little french fries. Yummy. El Toro for margaritas and all the usual greasy goodness you'd expect to find there and crave.