Sunday, February 03, 2008

The boy's making up recipes again ...

Yesterday the boy wanted to make pineapple cake. So I said, sure, let me go find a recipe. "No!" he responded vehemently. "The recipe's in my mind!" Well, while I have no problem letting him test out his I've-watched-too-much-Food-Channel philosophies, yesterday I did not have the patience. I tried to distract him by saying "why don't you get the ingredients ... get out the pineapple." Again, "NO!" was the response. Why? Because, he said, that would be icky. Mind you, the boy LOVES pineapple. Will eat a whole can of pineapple on his own. Will beg for pineapple pizza. And, dude, he ASKED TO MAKE PINEAPPLE CAKE. But apparently pineapple cake does not include pineapple.

Today I have more patience. Perhaps I'll let him show me what this pineapple cake without pineapple recipe that's in his mind is all about ...

In the meantime, yesterday, we comprimised on chocolate chip cake. Mind you, it couldn't be chocolate chip cookies, or chocolate chip brownies, it had to be chocolate chip CAKE! And after he dumped in half a bag of chips, I asked if he wanted to put more in, and he said NO! This boy has opinions. Especially when it comes to cooking. Do I have a future chef on my hands? We shall see ... the closest the eldest ever got to this was being obsessed with sandwich making. BIG sandwich making.

Oh, and if we make pineapple-less pineapple cake today, I'll make sure to take pictures.

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