Friday, February 29, 2008

VIDEOS: A trip down musical memory lane

A decade later and I'm still a ska addict. And during my stint in Ireland, I couldn't help but become a "Come on Eileen" addict, as it's the song my lovely frat boy flat mates were addicted to, broke plates to, and generally ran amok to. So here's a video that caught my eye this evening:

On a bright side, my flatmates' addiction led me to meet and befriend a wonderful gal named "Eileen," who, while she lives in Florida, is still a friend a decade-plus later. Even if only via e-mail. The last time we saw each other in person was on THAT September 11th when she was in Seattle for a conference, was several months pregnant, and called from her hotel needing to be away from the twin Westin towers after the planes hit back east, as she wondered how her brothers in NY were doing. We'd planned to visit anyway, but not under these circumstances. She couldn't have been further away from; she was pregnant; and she had to take a train for days to get home. So I guess there's my "where were you when tale." But in memory of the boys who created the joke that caused us to be friends, "the two engaged girls" among the many study abroad students ... well, here's Dexy with the song ... not that I need to listen to it. It's frat-boy-style ingrained in my head.

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