Thursday, February 07, 2008

A day of bluster and surprise

I was walking, this afternoon, through the cold and bluster. Walking back from putting away my car ... Walking back to my office chair and a multitude of tasks. Walking back to work with hood around my head and scarf around my neck. Wondering if there'd be enough hours in the day, wondering if there'd be enough days in the week. Wondering what tomorrow will bring. Wondering what Saturday will bring. Wondering if I'd spot something shiny. Beyond a bottle and a can, nothing shiny. Beyond a pencil and a bag, nothing tiny. Instead, it was a rat that caught my eye ... the kind of rat I like to see: I'd finally happened upon my first Beautiful Angle poster. I'd seen them in captivity ... but this was my first sighting in the wild. My first encounter in its natural habitat. Oh, what a wonderful thing.

And it reminded me that we're less than a month away from the fabulousness that is Wayzgoose! I can't wait. Save the date! (March 2.)

Oh, and Happy New Year! Happy Year of the Rat!


The Swede said...

Hey, you need to check the link for the blonde ... typos sweetie.

But I love the new order on the blog sidebar.

jamie said... experience was really similar to yours with Monkeyshines. Lots of walking and looking, never found a rat ball, but did find me some Beautiful Angle. Now I've got a tattered poster, saved from the Sixth Ave sidewalk.

Re: never seeing them in the wild... I know they're really popular, and the creators have no problem with people taking them down for their collections, but I do sort of wish people would let them stick around for longer so the rest of us could enjoy them in their native habitat. I think previous to my find yesterday I've seen maybe 1 or 2 before, and I do quite a bit of walking both on Sixth and downtown.

Jenny said...

I saw one in Jefferson park when the snow hit. Very exciting! But I didn't like it enough to take it home and put it in my house. So I left it for another soul.