Sunday, December 30, 2007

1 Night Until First Night: Will you make it to the fireworks?

It's the night before First Night, and all through the house ... I'm realizing I need to make my plan of attack TONIGHT! With so much to choose from, and several young kids in tow, and trying to plan dinner with friends around our and their First Night duties, I need to be more organized than I've ever been before and actually put together a schedule. A schedule that will likely include contingencies for sending the kids home before the fireworks ... or at least some of them. Luckily grandpa will be in town and might be able to be bribed with a Guinness or two (waiting at home in the fridge) and a pizza to head home a bit early if needed.

By the way, have I mentioned the FIREWORKS? They're being done by the same folks who did fireworks at Evel Knievel's funeral -- so you know they're gonna be good. Because you know Evil would go out with a quite a bang ...

Here's crossing my fingers that we'll make it to the end. With all of us standing. But here's the realistic side of me knowing that if my 7-year-old, 5-year-old, 2-year-old and their 7-year-old cousin don't drive us bonkers by midnight, it will be a Christmas miracle for sure. Parents out there: I see you nodding ... I see you shaking your heads ...

See you at First Night!

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