Monday, December 03, 2007

Eerily dry out there today ...

It was a little bizarre today to hear about cut off roads and flooding in many areas surrounding Tacoma, but having life IN Tacoma be so calm. I-5 closed. Seattle reporting record flooding. I heard about seals in someone's backyard in Bremerton. Hoquiam and Aberdeen cut off. Down in Oregon, my niece is stuck at an aunt's house because a bridge is closed. Olympia had cars stuck underwater. Everywhere I hear water, water, water. I read water, water, water all day. And yet outside my window downtown ... mostly dry. It's picking up a bit ... and I wonder, will Tacoma remain a little oasis in the storm?


kevinfreitas said...

It certainly has thus far. My guess is we've been in the rain shadow of the Olympics. I even ventured on "A" Street under 705 toward Dock Street on the way home from work yesterday. That spot is notorious for flooding and there wasn't a puddle to be found.

Guess we should be thankful.

Camille said...

I guess we should all be grateful that we don't live in Grays Harbor County.

You should see these CA people when it rains. It's quite funny. They drive the same way but find themselves getting in more accidents...can't imagine why? And then honk at me when I'm carefully driving slowly. Poop heads!