Friday, December 28, 2007

VIDEO: A bit about the King's Books cats

Watch as my new-to-Tacoma brother introduces his girlfriend to King's Books. She's a cat freak, and a book nerd, so many smiles were had. And thus my brother begins to believe me that there are bits of awesome all over Tacoma ...

The question is: Do you go to King's Books for the books, or the cats? There are lots of King's Books fans out there, but could there be an even bigger King's Books cats fan club? I'm starting to wonder ...

And if your answer to the question was "I've never been to King's Books," you should fix that. Go say hi to Harriet and Miko yourself, and Pat & John & sweet pea (yes, his name really is sweet pea), too -- though those three are humans, not cats, in case you're confused. There's actually lots of fabulous humans around there ... and lots of fabulous books. And lots of fabulous corners for humans to read books in.

P.S. King's Books is yet another place you can buy your First Night button.

P.P.S.: Find this video and others by Adam the Alien here. (link fixed)

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Cassioposa said...

Hehe. That was a great video. And effective, too, as I want to run over there and pet the kitties. Can't wait to see more Tacoma-centric videos from Adam.