Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Check out Satellite Coffee "cuppings" on Thursdays

Had the day off so stopped by Satellite Coffee Co. this afternoon for my vanilla Americano and have some good news to share: Satellite Coffee hosts a weekly "cupping" (coffee tasting) at 7 p.m. each Thursday. It's a chance to check out different blends and see which ones you want to take home.

When I lamented the fact that I'd be in PDX while this week's cupping was taking place, the kind proprietor quickly lifted my spirits by informing me that by heading south, I'm heading right smack into the heart of Stumptown Coffee (the high quality brew that Satellite serves) land and that I could still take advantage of the twice-daily cuppings at several of the company's Portland locations). I might just do that ... but I think I'll put the Tacoma tasting times on my definite to-do list.

As to Satellite Coffee itself ... I'll simply say: Lovely. Fabulous folks & divine coffee ... need I say more? OK, a little more ...

I have a lot of good memories about this space from back in Temple of the Bean days when friends and I would head over there about 1 a.m. on a Saturday night. And I'm happy to report that it's not a disappointment to walk into Satellite. In Temple days, I ordered mint mochas with whip, today as I wandered into Satellite I was very happy I'd weaned myself to a vanilla 12 oz. Americano (hubby got his coffee-snob triple 8 oz. w/no flavor) as I could truly enjoy the coffee, and not just the filler. And I'm looking forward to checking out a cupping and supplementing my at-home bean stash with a blend born out of my other favorite NW city.



Steph DeRosa said...

I fully agree with this post.

I also agree with Vanilla Americano- that's my drink too!

But only 12oz? wuss. ;)

tacomachickadee said...

To be fair, it was a TRIPLE 12 oz. vanilla Americano. (It usually is a 16 oz. triple or quad, but I decided to go strong today ...)

Yay for Americanos! I'm slowly converting folks ... glad to know I have others out there tempting the masses with the non-baby-bottle coffee drink.

(My grandma tells stories about how her parents gave her warm milk with coffee before bed ... what does that say about today's lattes, eh?)


Steph DeRosa said...

Yikes! should just suck the grounds instead. (I'll have to try a triple sometime)

Yeah, and did you know humans are the only mammal to still drink milk after that of their mothers?

Down with Latte's!