Monday, December 31, 2007

TONIGHT IS FIRST NIGHT! And the weather is fabulous

I have to say, while driving back to Tacoma-land on Saturday through wind and sleet and snow ... I was beginning to wonder what tonight's weather for First Night would be like. But this morning, I'm shocked by the first blue skies I've seen in ages. You can hardly tell that this city just had a white-ish Christmas. I take this as a good sign ... a sign that First Night is back. So go out and enjoy!

Our family's plans ...

  • Hit the museums this afternoon (my eldest is OBSESSED with the glass museum and the boy loves his trains)
  • Fold some paper cranes and wish for a Happy New Year. I was going to wish for a less emotionally wrenching New Year, but I know perfectly well that s*** grows great flowers. So I'll take my ups and downs and live each day as best I can.
  • Valentine's Performing Pigs. With a pack o' munchkins all 7 & younger trailing behind us, this one's a must. Gotta throw them kids a bone.
  • Tokens Improv. We like improv in our house.
  • Deborah Page. I've been listening to her stuff on MySpace this week and I'm hooked.
  • And tons more ... I kinda wanna see Alex Duncan, the Smilin' Scandinavians, The Elephants and a few others too. And I'm excited to see the fire dancers and the roller derby gals. And the SOTA pirates. There should be much to see and do ...
See you at First Night! Will you make it to the fireworks?

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