Friday, December 14, 2007

"Godspeed" ... an excerpt

This summer, before all the recent chaos, my little family and I went on vacation to Orcas Island, my first visit to the lovely San Juan Islands, and I had a rare moment to reflect on a few things, one such thing being the impending death of my maternal grandma who died last week. Watching her struggle the last year or two or more had been hard on us all, and while staring out at the water, which heavily reminded me of my grandparents', now parents', beach house, and reflecting on my grandmothers impact on my life, I was inspired to dabble in reflections via poetry ... a road I hadn't venture down in quite awhile. And so I share a mere rough draft of a first stanza ...

Godspeeed (an excerpt)

I see you


Not here; not there

Just drifting

Halfway to somewhere

Halfway to out there

Halfway to heaven

But now

Just drifting

In the middle of nowhere

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