Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Broadway (street) bound! But are we ready?

Looks like the recently empty space on Broadway, a couple doors down from Tully's, won't be empty for long. A South Sound native son has big ideas for that site -- and hopes we're ready for them. I hope we are, too.

The plan is for a gallery. And yes, we are lucky to have several running through downtown and throughout the city. But this young man has set his sights high and wants to rival New York or San Francisco galleries with big names, big opportunities and eclectic sensibilities. And he'd be in good company. At this pace, I won't have to wonder much longer what's going to happen when the antiques on Antique Row are a thing of the past ... it's quickly turning into a neighborhood of quality, yet accessible boutique shops -- and galleries.

This local boy is making good.

Will we do right by him?

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Elle said...

If he'll show case photography I'd be all over that.