Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Things are hopping in Tacoma, and near-Tacoma

I am pleased to report that the Presidents of the United States of America are headed to near-T-town, performing live at Pacific Lutheran University's Olson Auditorium this Friday. I'm sad to report that I've used up my fun-without-kids time for a few weeks, so I will be lusting after that concert as I did the David Sedaris appearance at the University of Puget Sound last night -- from afar.

Oh the memories.

While a student at PLU, working for the student paper, we cranked up PUSA songs to get us through a night of no sleep. OK, at times, three nights of no sleep in a row. (By the way, to all my one-time professors, I do apologize for any crossing-eyes, random crying in the back row or otherwise passing out in class. I've since learned that sleep is a very, very good thing.) ... Then there was a Seattle appearance by Bill Clinton, introduced by the Posies and backed by PUSA. ... There was that internship where one of the newbie reporters was running out that day to buy a newly released PUSA album, and I was able to toss him enough money to snag me one, too. In a bad mood? Feeling a little sluggish? A bit bored? The Presidents can snap you out of that funk.

Me thinks I know the next "my day" album I'll be introducing the kiddos to. And me thinks they'll be boogie-ing in no time flat.

So while this Friday might be movie night in the basement for the family, followed by a day of native plant shopping, heading to the Proctor Farmer's Market on foot/bike and trying to hit the safety fair at Foss High School -- I think we'll be cranking up some PUSA music in honor of memories.

I'll honor lessons learned by getting some sleep.


Elle said...

Alas we too have used up our time away from the child. I would give my left arm to see Presidents.


Wow, Sedaris gets around. I just missed him last weekend at UCRiverside where I did my Praxis testing.

Movie night in the basement? What sort of movies are you showing your kids???

Camille said...

Sleep is well deserved! :)