Sunday, May 13, 2007

So full ...

I was tempted to cancel our reservations. Half our dining party changed their minds, the kids have been sick all week, we day-tripped to Oregon yesterday, even Grandma was too sick to go, it was the afternoon and the kids were cranky -- but I'm oh so glad we actually drug ourselves out of the house and over to Stadium Bistro's special Mother's Day feast. To say the least, it was divine. And I say that having brought three children with him (all 6 & under) who managed to behave even when admittedly a little bored at times as there weren't any crayons or coloring paper or balloons or other affectations that make them beg and plead to go to the Ram or Red Robin or McDonald's. But that's kind of why we were there. It was Mother's Day, not Tiny Children Day. And despite having missed naps and performed their hearts out in the spring play at church that morning, the kids were fabulous. And I have to say, for a restaurant that has white linen on the tables ("that's why we have a linen service" said the kind waitress as my 2-year-old dripped tomato bisque all over the crisp whiteness), there was some fabulously kid-friendly menu items. The bumpkins, even my picky diva 6-year-old, were quite satisfied with the grilled cheese sandwiches (artisan bread and Irish cheddar, I believe) and GIANT (and cool-shaped) bowls of tomato soup followed by some nice kid AND adult friendly prawns. (Lots of flavor and much to be appreciated in the nuances, but not so much to turn off the kiddie taste buds, if you know what I mean.) One of the adults joined in on the grilled cheese and tomato (the rest of us sampled from the kids') while the rest of us enjoyed spectacular goat cheese salads, or my yummy delight -- the scallops with artichokes and some sort of thinly-sliced yummy ham-like meat underneath. For the main course, the grownups oohed and aaahed over hearty servings of steak, lamb, prawns (same dude who ordered the grilled cheese and tomato, me thinks he'll always be a kid at heart), and a taste-bud-sensation ham entree for yours truly. The side dishes were served family style, with the thinnest of asparagus cooked in fabulous stuff, mashed potatoes that made everyone very very happy, and some baby carrots and leeks to round out the dining experience. (Some folks eyed the brussel sprouts on the menu, as the way they were prepared did sound delightful to even cabbage-haters like me, but we decided to be more group friendly.) Desserts -- oh, shall we just say divine. The do spectacular work with their desserts. I had the strawberry chocolate cake, something I hesitated at because I'm used to chocolate cake not being good -- too, well, blah. It's usually some tasteless airy thing. But this, this was a piece of heaven. Closer to a dense brownie, but that doesn't even justifiably describe it. My kids kept begging for the "frosting," but were quite happy with their little papaya and ice-cream mix that the folks in the kitchen whipped together to keep the youngun's happy. And the other three grownups went ga-ga over the tiny tarts that were backed with plenty of taste. My the end of the 2-plus-hour meal, the 4-year-old was asleep on me, the 2-year-old was trying to run out the front door but was soon distracted by a 1-1/2-year-old at another table, and the 6-year-old was drawing pictures and surprisingly still awake considering we gave her Benadryl right before we left (a wasp stung her just as we were walking out the door -- did I mention I was tempted to cancel?) Oh, and the kids were really excited to see their dentist there. (I consider that a good sign -- they were really excited, not running in fear.)

Anyhow, a highly recommended locale. And as they like to say, don't let the white tablecloths scare you. Though probably a great place for adults only, the kids can handle it, too ... though I recommend bringing paper and crayons just in case.

And while I was dreading what the afternoon could have wrought (remember, three tired recently sick kids in a restaurant that has more than one fork) -- it was a great meal, and great family time. I should have guessed that any day would be great that begins with my son running down the stairs exclaiming "I can't believe it's already Mother's Day" as he rushes to get the Mother's Day present he's been hiding, and all the children pile onto the couch with me to open them.

It was a lovely day.


jen said...

Sounds beautiful. We had a wonderful brunch at Joeseppi's, although I'm sure Stadium was a little more adventurous.

It's been one of those weeks with the kids and I couldn't face the possibility of a bad time in such a great restaurant, we chickened out and chose a buffet.

Jenny said...

Missed you Saturday. Glad that you survived the weekend. Want to car pool with us Saturday to Raissa's party? Sounds like a Lovely day, you deserved it!