Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Incredible, Edible ... Infinite Soups!

Typically, I think of soup as a thing to be had with sandwiches. However, while wandering through the Farmer's Market last week, my mind was changed.

There, toward the end of my meandering early-lunch walk through the recently opened Farmer's Market was an unassuming stand. No pushing. No shoving. A steady stream of people wandering over to sample warm and yummy soups on a lovely spring day. I was short on cash. But ran into Morgan who was sampling a mushroomy nummy taste sensation. Well, my buddy and I decided we should sample the wares as well. My lovely pal got a scrumptious bite of baked potato soup, complete with sour cream on top. Heaven. I said "surprise me" and I believe got some chicken curry. Super heaven.

While my buddy and I had already collected our lunch moments earlier, we knew we'd be back. I felt guilty at first, but not when I sent my coworker back a little later and she came back sadly saying they were all sold out. I figure my neglect that day allowed someone else a little bliss.

The next day, I decided it was time to actually hand them some money. I couldn't wait a week. So I trekked up to 445 Tacoma Avenue to Infinite Soups, located next door to City Lights, a little NW of downtown. This time, I ordered the chicken and artichoke -- near heaven. This particular dish was a little salty for my taste, but artichoke things seem to be on the salty side -- at least for me. And I know what I had at Farmer's Market wasn't too salty, so perhaps it was a fluke. No matter, it was still tasty. And for $3.50 for the medium to-go box, plus $0.40 for a roll -- I was good to go, and full, for under $5. Now that's what I call lunch.

I hear the way to go is to get two $2 soups so that you get to try two different ones. Which sounds like a good idea, because the menu was dizzying. There's meat and nonmeat, vegan and vegetarian, hot and cold (probably see more of those as the weather heats up I'm guessing) options. And several options under each of those categories. And those options shift from day to day. Who knew soup could be so diverse -- and filling -- and economical.

Here's to Infinite Soups having some infinite success.

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