Friday, May 04, 2007

What a burger, what a price

I'd heard rumors of one of Tacoma's best burgers being sold for a near McDonald's price, and WAY less than a Red Robin tab. So last week when I realized I needed to grab dinner downtown, I decided it was time to see for myself and headed down the block to Paddy Coyne's for one of their well-reviewed cheese burgers, and all I can say is -- wow.

Strangely, they're somewhat similar to the burgers my fabulous husbands creates. The secret? Good stuff. From bun to meat to trimmings. Great stuff, actually.

I'll start with the bun. A square, kind of rustic roll. Thinner than what you'll find in Metropolitan Market's bread department, but definitely thick enough. Not too squishy, not too crusty. Lightly toasted and (I think) lightly spread with butter ... and a moderate amount of spread that I think is Thousand Island dressing. Enough to taste; but not so much it's swimming and dripping on your shirt.

Then there's the meat. A nice-sized patty that's juicy and greasy enough that you know you're eating a scrumptious burger, without swimming in it. The cheese on top -- choose from swiss, white cheddar or pepper corn -- adds to the ooey, gooey goodness.

And between meat and bun of perfection is a generous amount of lettuce and tomato. I'm not sure if the lettuce was iceberg ... it didn't look like it, but if it was, it was impressive iceberg. It looked too green for iceberg though.

Why is it the perfect burger? Because it's not overdone. It's simple, and thus perfect. In fact, it's a burger you can moan and groan over, but not feel overly guilty. You feel like you're eating real food, not just grease and fat. It's a true great hamburger that is sustenance in addition to a taste-bud sensation.

Oh, and if you eat it during happy hour (4-6 and 10-midnight) it's just $4.50. Add an extra buck if you want fries. (Haven't tried those, but I hear the fries, potato skins and and steak-night specials -- on Mondays -- are also phenomenal.)

Basically, if you're in the mood for a hamburger that's worth it -- head to Paddy's. And if you hit happy hour, you'll be even happier still.

Thanks, Paddy. You make me proud to claim Irish in my ancestry.


NineInchNachos said...

Excellent! This is exactly the kind of citizen generated content that will convince me to go out and patronize their establishment. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

that description made me hungery. I'll have to try them next time I am in town.

Niki said...

I can't wait to go.

Also, I just read every food-related item here. Can you tell it's dinner time?