Thursday, May 29, 2008

Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato -- and a fillet? OMIGOD!

I was so blown away by the Steelhead BLT at Woody's on the Water that I forgot to snap a picture, of anything. It was my first time trekking down the Foss waterfront venue, and I'll definitely be back.

Woody's on the Water is located in the space where the Blue Olive once lived, beneath Thea's Landing apartments and overlooking the Foss Waterway marina and the Museum of Glass's lovely esplanade. Lunch Buddy, my driver for the afternoon, and I were excited to discover a parking area within the garage there designated for Woody's clientelle -- for no charge. As we meandered our way to the restaurant, we enjoyed the many boats congregated throughout the waterway. (Again, cursing myself for not getting photos. The view was gorgeous.)

I'd been ogling the menu online in preparation for lunch, and I gotta say: lunch was great, but I can't wait to go back for breakfast, dinner ... and happy hour. (BTW: I think I saw that Mondays are 1/2 off martinis, and Wednesdays are 1/2 off bottles of wine.)

Lunch Buddy was funny. She ordered the "Captain Jack" -- turkey, ham, jack cheese and avocado on grilled sour dough -- and declared that there was no way she would be able to finish it. She cleaned her plate, especially commenting on the fabulous "Crisp Waffle Fries." A true sign of a scrumptious sandwich. (And her hubby will likely enjoy the sorbet she got to go -- I believe a freshly made raspberry-mango flavor.)

I finally narrowed my choices down to the BLT or the Tuna Melt, but when the server informed me that this was no ordinary BLT ... but in fact a BLT that also included a healthy slab of Steelhead fishy-goodness, the deal was sealed. And I enjoyed it thoroughly.

But I'm still drooling over the breakfast menu. I love breakfast. Must make time for breakfast ... at Woody's.

Looking for gluten free? Woody's does have a special gluten free menu. Just ask your server!
Local food in the future: The folks at Woody's are moving toward offering more local food menu options in the future. I can't wait!


Erik said...

Woodys is a little known secret in Tacoma. The food outperforms by several notches of what the bloggers usually force themselves to eat.

Anonymous said...

We had breakfast at Woody's today. Thanks for the tip! It was very good, no parking hassle, way better than the crowds and sparse parking at Hob Nob or Shakabra (our usual breakfast haunts). To make it an even better morning we stopped by the Museum of Glass and watched the Maestro from Italy, Lino Tagliapietra, perform his magic. I recommend Woody's and the MoG.