Friday, May 02, 2008

Frost Park Fridays: A true pot o' gold at the rainbow's end

Plenty of others have given you photos of the chalk ... I was drawn to this colorful menagerie.

Oh, and Mr. Tacoma Gnome ... watch out: Devil Duck was spotted to day. Wasn't sure you noticed. I know you escaped the Ana-nabster, but what out for the Devil Duck.

Now to go figure out who to vote for today, &*##$$%!!

For some chalktastic photos, go to:

Tacoma Gnome
Life of Elle
Tacoma Urbanist

Oh, and on the theme of Irish ... Elle was wearing some shirt with something about how everyone loves an Irish gal or something like that. So maybe I SHOULD vote for her ... ack.


Elle said...

that photo's going to come back to haunt me for years to come isn't it?

justagirl said...

What's wrong with the pic? It's boob-i-licious! Be proud!

Anonymous said...

Im feeling perky just looking at these pics.

Erik said...

Great pictures of Frost Park Chalk Challenge from other perspectives.

No doubt a great picture of Elle.

Yet, I am hoping for a better Frost Park persona picture from you Chickadee of her this weekend. Do your best.

The fate of Tacoma may depend on it.

tacomachickadee said...

Oh, have no fear Erik. Photo shoot is scheduled. Sorta. Right Elle? Saturday, or do we wait for girl-brunch to get you to dawn those sunglasses again? EH?

Jenny said...

I am so impressed by your...shirt.

Elle said...

Saturday would work, but Sunday might be funnier with the few glasses of wine and all... we are having wine right?

Lena said...

We are so having wine.

reeciebird said...

Check out that rack!