Monday, May 12, 2008

Possibly my favorite Mother's Day/Weekend ever

Wow -- I think I'm still blissed out out from the past weekend that pretty much turned into a Mother's Day extended weekend. And so many T-town reasons became a part of the celebration.

We started out with Frost Park Friday, fabulous as always, and I'd designed a special T-shirt for Little Brother whose entry into The Grand's 72-h0ur Film Festival ended up cursed. But you can still see his video (below) and we will be having a special Director's Cut (longer, funnier, more plot lines) screening of "Destiny of the Gnome," starring the TacomaGnome and many others, someday soon. Little Brother later met Wil Wheaton at the Emerald City ComiCon later in the weekend. Vicarious touch of fame? ;) I'm such a geek ...

Destiny of a Gnome:

Oh, what, you wanted to know about the T-shirt? Well, if you watch the video to the end, you might figure out what I might have put on a T-shirt for Little Brother ... it's pretty obvious. And it's not suitable for younger audiences.

Later Friday night, Hubby & I took PDX Brother and his fabulous fiancee to The Tempest Lounge, where we enjoyed scrumptious treats and fab conversation. Then they headed off to his Seattle show (sadly, his later-in-the-weekend T-Town performance ended up cancelled), and the Hubby and I continued Date Night with the last half of the 72-hour Film Festival, which I hear was the better half. We loved it. Then met up with some peeps at Maxwell's. I'd heard good things about Maxwell's Speakeasy & Lounge ... good food, good ambiance, medium prices, etc. But even the good talk-up didn't do this place justice. Really nice ... best crab cakes I've ever had, awesome service, etc. I'll be back. :)

Oh, wait ... we aren't even TO Mother's Day, are we.

So ... Saturday, The Eldest, Baby Girl and I wound up at The Harvester. Yum. Yum. Yum. Not only did we get to hang out with many fun peeps, but my girls got their favorite: split the strawberry pancakes and strawberry milkshake ... while I enjoyed my Wrecked Eggs. (So very much my favorite Harvester treat.)

Then, it was off to the Proctor Farmers Market, where we found asparagus (never thought I'd be celebrating that, but I'm a new fan), apples, pears and CHEESE CURDS! I heart cheese curds. I heard someone today mention cheese curds in the street and I almost tackled them. I had cheese curds on the brain, and normally folks say, "Huh?!?!? What are cheese curds?" And someone else had them on the brain too! Is it the season? Seriously. It was weird.

Are you wondering when I'm gonna get to Mother's Day? Okay, okay ... here you go. On Sunday, not only did Hubby & The Kids wake me up with many hugs and kisses and happiness and yummy breakfast ... but add to the treasure pot: the The Boy made it spectacularly through his spring musical performance at church, then we stole my brother and his lovely dove and took them to see Never Never Land at Point Defiance Park. Wow. I can't believe I hadn't been there before. Great, old kinda-creepy stuff with a fairly new and fabulous playground for the kiddies. The munchkins had a blast between the playground and the trails.

Strangely, what inspired us to go here? Another 72-Hour Film Festival entry ...

Blogland Murders from Kevin Freitas on Vimeo.

All had fun at Point Defiance ... and Brother Dear and I didn't even battle once. No baiting; no debating. It was weird. And quite nice. It was a great weekend. And after we parted ways, leaving Brother Dear & Fiancee in the midst of Point Defiance Park joys, we headed over to Hubby's brother's house to spend the remainder of a never-ending fabulous Mother's Day. A Mother's Day where I did not have to play host. Where I got to see folks I cared about. Where yummy food was served, good conversation was had, people smiled, there was a kid in the house that wasn't mine, dreams were pondered and ... well ... let's just say, it was good.

I'm still dumbfounded, though obviously not speechless.

I guess we all have to trip across a few good days in a row here and there ... I send good thoughts to my pals who need a few of the same.


sweet pea said...

i took my friend from northern wisconsin on a road trip to tennessee. she had never been on a road trip before, strangely. we're in memphis and she suddenly decides she wants (fried) cheese curds. i tried to explain to her that we don't even have them in illinois - even just south of the wisconsin border. the possible horror of this reality made her belligerent. she brazenly pushed past me to go into a dairy queen to order cheese curds. of course, they weren't on the menu. plus, no one in tennessee could understand her accent (and vice versa). but that's another story...

Kathy said...

Hi, I just wandered into your blog while browsing and we live near Point Defiance too. My kids love that zoo...what's never never land? That sounds like fun.

jcbetty said...

you win, you had the better mother's day weekend! :)

Hyperfertile Infertile said...

Those strawberry pancakes and strawberry milkshakes sure sound good right about now!