Saturday, May 03, 2008

VIDEO: It's fantabulous when you get your kids hooked on the things you loved as a munchkin

And I did it! My kids are currently watching "The Last Unicorn" over and over and over and over again. Baby girl even woke up insisting on it.

Now the funny T-town part of this, I snagged the 25th Anniversary edition DVD at the 21st & Pearl Rite Aid for like 7 bucks. (There was only one -- I love random cool impulse purchase opportunities. And this one I could NOT resist.) When I brought it to the counter, the check-out chickie was relieved. She had been tempted by it for days. I offered to put it back, but she insisted.

And now I think my kids believe in unicorns. Cool.

Of course, the below YouTube series probably only egged that on. They're watching it and singing along as I write this. (All three of them ... they're pretty good ... it's like they've watched the movie over and over and over and ...)

UPDATE: I figured this was an appropriate post for the Saturday Morning Cartoon hours ... perhaps I should be on the lookout for some Smurfs or Gummy Bears DVDs. Old-school Alvin and the Chipmunks anyone?

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Elle said...

The last unicorn is one of my all time favorite movies. That and The Neverending Story... which I own.